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About us

The project Living in the space between was born during the second lockdown, in a common impulse and need to continue to cultivate an artistic process, in spite of the external injunctions to stay at home.

Our starting point : to create from what is there, present, from our artistic practices, our spaces and our daily gestures. And together, in collaboration with the artists around us, weave a web, explore new modes of creation and encounters and experimentation from a distance, in sharing and simplicity.
This site allows us to make visible and to link all these artistic gestures through an imaginary map positioning the participants in a common virtual space.

“When the city and everything around us becomes unlivable, the best thing is to build something, however small, but something that gives us back the flavour of the word future.’

Karla Suárez

based on an idea by Emily Holmes

A performance by

Emily Holmes

accompagnied by

Victoria Donnet & Morgane Eydmann


A project carried by



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