the space between

“I’m writing to you to know 
How are you, how are you living 
Between you and me 
I would like to tell you about the bond 
That weaves 
Paths of life 
In a square dance
At times when I am singing in the shower, are you sitting by your tree to breathe

Inhale a little bit of calm ? 
Just for a moment 
And when you lie under another star, among those we see 
Far from the city, 
Do you think of me ? 
We call each other, write to each other 
And fill the spaces 
With words, dreams, memories, 
You see, 
The distance between beings 
Do you think It is physical or emotional? 
I would like to know 
If it can be measured in kilometers? 
I’m writing to you to know 
With what are we going to fill the space between us ? 
The space between 
Subtle gaps that should or should not be filled 
Leave space 
The crack in the concrete where wild grass can grow 
I would like to know you 
What do you dream of under other skies ? Are the people around you dreaming the same dreams as you, in a language that I don’t understand ? 
I would like to feel 
The space between a sun that sets when another rises 
The bottom of a singing stream Somewhere in summer 
I would like to taste 
This space between 
Where life emerges 
Living somewhere means being together, all of us, under the moon 
Living somewhere means inhabiting your cells, your body, your house,
Your neighborhood, your city, your country,
Your continent, your planet, your solar system,
Your universe 
So I’m writing to you … 
How are you, how is life at home?” 


To the contributing artists

Karolina Aniołkowska • Julie Barranger • Anaïs Barras • Mickaël Berdugo • Caroline Bravo • Paolo Campanella • Giovanni Castaldi • Alice Cathelineau • Adèle Couëtil • Camille Danveau & Ines Benkhicham • Louise Desbrusses • Victoria Donnet • Sébastien Dumont • Pierre Feytis & Laurence Guenoun • Sandrine Follère • Marion Fournier• Marie-Laure Guislain • Emily Holmes • Edgar Kelly • Ismaera Ismaela (Smile Intestine) • Kasper Klop • Fu Le • Claire Legrand • Amélie Marandet • Olwen Marquette • Margaux Michel • Drope Oner • Sophie Parienté • Céline Pelcé • Sofia Perenyi • Catherine Richon • Gustavo Saulle • Mary Sky • Summar Taha • Aubin Timsit • Hyacinthe Tobio • Flora Vachez & Chloé Elmaleh • Stéphane Vernier • Maud Watel Kasak & Matias Gallipoli • Yiyao Wang

The structures that carry the project

Yves Kohen et Slyks – Audiovisual production
Watkaz Collective – Performing arts

Technical and artistic support

Matthieu Michon Rossel – website building 

Matthieu Fernandez / Collectif La Méandre (Chalon-sur-Saône) – set designer

Élodie Quenouillère, Margaux Michel, Lucie Legrand – set design advice

Zaïna Zouheyri / La Méandre Collective (Chalon-sur-Saône) – residency, set construction and set design

Pierre Acobas / La Méandre Collective (Chalon-sur-Saône) – end of residency photographs

Arthur Delaval / La Méandre Collectif (Chalon-sur-Saône) – end of residency video recording

Support / residency 

La Méandre Collective, La Fabrique de la Danse, Un Lieu Pour Respirer, 6Mettre – pôle de création transdisciplinaire dédié aux arts vivants


Ville de Paris / Un Eté Culturel (l’Hyperfestival), La Maison des Réfugiés (Emmaûs Solidarités)

Autres remerciements

Living in the space between presented by Caroline Bravo, in the framework of the roundtable meeting Remote Arts & Culture  (Digital and Pandemic Conference, Covid 19 Ad Memoriam Institute, National Digital Ethics Steering Committee)

program :  https://cnpen-c19am.sciencesconf.org/data/pages/NumeriqueEtPandemie_programme_complet_2.pdf

(replay & retranscription to come)